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Key features

Create and schedule FTPShell Scripts:  Create your own FTPShell scripts to perform automated file transfers. Scripts can be scheduled as recurring or one-time tasks. FTPScript is very easy to use and supports basic constructs for looping, conditional execution, list manipulation, and wildcard matching. It also supports several macro commands for file processing.

Comparison and Synchronization of folders:  Compare and synchronize local and remote folders in either the upload or download direction. Upload synchronization is useful for updating websites while download synchronization is useful for mirroring remote content. Files and folders that should not be transferred or should not be deleted may be specified as patterns (eg. *.log).

Remote file search:  Search remote sites recursively for files and folders matching user specified patterns.

Server to server transfers (FXP): Transfer files directly between remote servers without having to copy them to your local server.

Download and upload resuming:  Resume both broken downloads and uploads. User customizable transfer rules are used to determine transfer action for duplicate files.

Multitasking between multiple sites:  Connect to several FTP sites simultaneously and browse or transfer files. Each session is easily managed from within the same program.

Simultaneous upload to multiple sites:  Simultaneously upload local files and folders to multiple FTP sites.

Transfer speed control:  You can set the maximum download or upload transfer rate for each site.

Zip and upload/Download and unzip:  Automatically compress files and folders before uploading, or uncompress files after downloading. You no longer need a separate program to zip and unzip files.

Task scheduling:  Schedule recurring and one-time file transfer tasks. The selected file or folder is simply added to the task queue. If the program is not running when a task becomes due, it will automatically start running and perform the task that was due.

Direct editing of remote files:  Directly edit files on the remote server and save your changes to the remote server. The built-in editor supports syntax highlighting for HTML, Perl, SQL, VBscript, Javascript, C, and C++. Files on the local computer may also be edited with this powerful editor.

FTP script support:  Create and schedule FTP scripts for unattended recurring and one-time file transfers.

Primitive FTP server support:  Seamlessly connect and transfer files from primitive FTP servers that may not completely implement the FTP protocol.

Transfer queue summary:  After all items in the transfer queue have been transferred, a summary of successful and unsuccessful file transfers is displayed.

Accurate date and time stamping:  Downloaded file times will be set to the actual modification time on the remote host, while uploaded file times will be set to the actual modification time of the file on the local host.

Intuitive Office XP style user interface:  Local and remote listings are displayed in dual panes similar to windows explorer. This is complemented by an intuitive office XP style user interface.

Duplicate file resolution:  If a duplicate file is found in while transferring, a user programmable decision is made to resume, overwrite, or skip the transfer based on a comparison of file sizes and modification dates.

Unlimited Free Customer Service:  Licensed users are eligible for unlimited free customer support by e-mail.

Other Features

Recursive delete:  Entire directories and all of their sub-directories can be completely deleted on the remote server with a single click.

Change permissions:  File and folder permissions can be recursively changed when connected to supported servers.

Clipboard monitoring:  Continuously monitors the system clipboard for FTP URLs. If an FTP URL is detected, the FTP site is opened in a new display window.

List hidden files:  Enables the listing of files that are usually hidden in the remote server.

Auto transfer type:  Selects ASCII or binary mode automatically based on a user customizable list of ASCII files.

Automatic link resolution:  Symbolic links present in folder listings are correctly resolved into files or folders.

Auto keep alive:  Prevents the remote server from disconnecting due to an idle timeout.

Auto reconnect:  Unsuccessful connections are retried after a retry interval until successfully connected or the retry limit is reached.

Custom commands:  Enables users to run their own custom commands on the remote FTP server.

Uppercase/lowercase conversion:  Converts the transferred file names to uppercase or lowercase.

Manual transfer:  Files can be manually specified for upload or download.

Log files:  Create timestamped log files for each site. Logfiles can be optionally recycled.

Sound support:  Users can be informed of connect, disconnect, transfer completion, and task activation events using sounds.

Firewall/proxy support:  The program can be configured to work with firewalls and proxy servers.

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