FTPShell Script details

One of the best ways to automate a file transfer task is to write a script for it and schedule it for execution. FTPShell Script is an extremely simple scripting language specially designed to enable users to automate file transfer tasks. It supports basic constructs for looping, conditional execution, list manipulation, and wildcard matching. It also supports several macro commands for file processing activities and secure file transfer. FTPshell script now supports secure transfers using SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH (SFTP) and the ability to send email for status notification. The scripting language is so easy to use that you can start writing your own scripts in less than an hour. We also provide a script writing service to help write complex scripts.

The Enterprise edition of FTPShell Client can compile and execute FTPShell Scripts. Scripts may be scheduled as recurring/one-time tasks, executed from the command line, or called from other scripts.

  • FTPShell Scripting Manual
    Reference manual for FTPScript. Provides an introduction to language constructs and various examples.

  • Sample script 1
    Script monitors a remote FTP server for new files. If new files are found, it downloads them and then deletes the files on the remote server.

  • sample script 2
    Script uploads a file to multiple FTP servers.

  • sample script 3
    Script Compresses files and folders, renames the compressed files by attaching a unique timestamp string, and uploads to a remote server.

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